Wild Forests...

Wild Forests…


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We are the original & most experienced native english guiding company in Yakushima. 

We started guiding Yakushima tours in March 2011 when there were very few international visitors and no other english specific tour operators, we are the original guiding pioneers for foreigners in Yakushima…  & PROUD OF THIS! 

Our passion to share knowledge and an honest & adventurous spirit are our proudest attributes.  This unique lifestyle allows us to be ourselves, so our guests soon understand that guiding is not a job to us.   Surrounded by a spectacular island ecology we feel privileged to share with travellers who have found beautiful Yakushima Island…      

We can tailor a customised tour to suit so just let us know what you want.   

We usually guide small private tours, but we also regularly organise and guide large groups for corporate tours.  We have over 25 years of combined experience working in the adventure tourism industry, from the Australian Great Barrier Reef and the Fiords of New Zealand`s Te Wahi Pounamu World Heritage Area, to the rivers and forests of Gunma Prefecture.     

We specialise in guiding private hiking tours & an awesome customised Island Sights Tour.     

CAMERON JOYCE Founder & Head Guide  



We have extensive experience and knowledge guiding private tours, small groups & large group tours. 

Whether you need a full guided week for your corporate event with all aspects arranged, or are travelling solo and want to be spontaneous, we try to cater to everyone while maintaining that special, personal touch that we are known for!   




We are excited about designing an unforgettable tour together…

We have guided many visitors thoughout the four corners of the island since 2011 making us the oldest native english guiding company in Yakushima.  We mainly focus on offering visitors a number of hiking options and the Yakushima Island Sights Tour, guided by experienced adventure tourism guides Cameron and Satono.  We are here to help you maximize your stay in Yakushima.


Majestic Trees...

Majestic Trees…


Yakushima Alpine Area

The population here sits at around 13 500 people, 16 000 Yakushika (native deer), 7 000 Yakuzaru (native macaque) and the island is approximately 500 square kilometres.  We have an array of coastal options all the way up to the alpine region peaking at 1936m.


2013 Tachu - 035Yakushima is a spectacular sub-tropical island located in the south-west of Japan, tucked in between Kyushu and Amami (although much closer to mainland Kagoshima).  The ocean temperature is 20 degrees celcius mid-winter & up to 28 degrees in summer.   The island is pristine as over 90% of Yakushima is designated as National Park, coastal and alpine UNESCO World Heritage and Special Ecologically Significant zones.


We love to hear from our guests so we can decide the right course.  Feel free to email, call or Skype Yakushima Experience for a more personal approach to your adventure….


Sato & Cam at Mt.Tachu

Satono & Cameron – Yakushima Experience